harper’s birth story – part 1

many of you have asked what happened the day harper was born – how it went, did i have an epidural, how long was i in labor etc.
it is a long one, so here it is, in three parts.

this is how the best day of our lives unfolded… (no this is not about how harper was conceived).

may 23, 2010 – the due date that came… and went.
so, geoff and i went in on tuesday may 25 for our doctor’s appointment to check out what was taking LL so long.  we had another ultrasound to make sure everything was ok and then dr. mccall checked me one last time and announced that i was still not dilated.  grrrr.  we were so ready!  so she decided it would be best for me to be induced – at the end of this week or over the weekend, i am thinking she’ll tell us.  dr. mccall then leaves the room to go “check the schedule”.  after about 10 minutes (of geoff and i waiting in the appointment room, grinning like mad at each other, realizing the time is almost here) theresa, one of the nurses, comes in and says “alrighty, well we’ll see you guys tonight at 8 pm over in the labor & delivery wing.”
ummmm excuse ME?
wait, did you talk with dr. mccall?
does she know about this?
honestly, we were so caught off guard we thought she was kidding.  theresa just laughed and told us that dr. mccall had checked and we were all set up to check in at 8 pm that night.  we both left the appointment lightheaded and giddy… and in disbelief that we were scheduled to have our baby!  LL was finally going to be here!  the end of heartburn and swollen feet is near!  the light at the end of the pregnancy tunnel was about to be seen!
so we went back to branson trying to drive close to the speed limit, telling our family (geoff’s parents, his aunt and my mom were already all in town) to meet us at our favorite greek deli for lunch.  we told them the news over lunch – well, we tried to wait and have this big announcement during the meal, but it all came out the moment we saw them.
after lunch we went home and the running-around-the-house-craziness began… i had to finish packing, geoff had to start, and of course i needed to take a shower!  i figured i wouldn’t take one for a few days (or so i had heard) so i decided i needed to take one, blow dry my hair, flat iron it, and put on fresh makeup (that would last awhile).  we gathered our ipods, computers, movies to watch (for the beginning stages of labor), half a dozen pregnancy and childbirth/rearing books, and the texas dirt my dad sent overnight for us to put under the birthing bed (you KNOW my child had to be born on texas soil).  we threw (literally) everything in the back of the car – it looked like we were taking a 3-week long trip and already had a baby with us – and got on the road for springfield. 

i figured action would be best for labor

when we got in to town, we went to have our “last dinner” just the 2 of us at schlotzsky’s (another texas wink).  i knew i had to fill myself up pretty well because they say you don’t eat for “awhile” and i wasn’t sure how long “awhile” was, and they only let you “eat” ice chips.  (honestly, what is the deal with that?!  you go through the most physically taxing event of your lifetime and your body isn’t allowed sustenance and nourishment??)  we had a wonderful dinner talking about the super-near future and reminiscing about the last 9 months.  geoff made me feel like such a superstar the way he complimented me on the way i handled the pregnancy.  and i couldn’t tell him enough how excited i was to watch him become a daddy.  especially with a little girl.
once we were in the car, i felt like i definitely needed dessert.  i mean, it was my last chance as a pregnant girl to take advantage of the “dessert is always a must” mantra and not feel any guilt whatsoever.  we saw a steak’n’shake and a cool, creamy chocolate milkshake sounded AHmazing, so we drove through and then headed on since it was getting closer and closer to 8 o’clock.  i mean, what would they do if we were late?  “um, i’m sorry, since you were tardy you can’t have your baby today.”
we get to the labor & delivery (L&D) wing of the hospital and each try to carry in as much stuff as we can.  once inside we are pointed to the brand new section of the L&D wing, and above the desk is printed “family beginnings”.  i tell the nurse behind the desk “um, yes we are here for a reservation for todd 8 o’clock.” 
i think we made her day (and night) with that one.
we get sent to the waiting room where we are collected about 5 minutes later by the girl (yes, girl) that led our childbirth class.  she takes us to room 7 where all the magic will apparently be happening.  we get settled as a new nurse, christa comes in, the nurse that will be with us through the night.  she was wonderful, an incredible first of many nurses we would have over the next 3 days.
all i could think about was what dr. mccall had said earlier that day, “you’ll probably be a family of three by lunchtime tomorrow…”

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One Response to harper’s birth story – part 1

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    such a sweet memory…………

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