our first moments with family

we have been so blessed with our families!
these are pictures taken just after harper was born, after our family was able to come into the delivery room.

already a concerned mother at my baby's tears

uncle reed with his bubble gum cigar my dad brought

holding my daddy's hand

the excited family: my mom & dad, geoff's aunt, mom & dad, my brother reed

once everyone came in to greet her

i will post more pics and the story of harper’s birth soon…

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3 Responses to our first moments with family

  1. Katie says:

    YAY! i love it!!! and love you!!! more harper please, MORE HARPER!!!

    xoxoxo, kiss baby girl from her auntie kewpie 🙂

  2. Shelly says:

    Congratulations Lindsay and GT! We are so happy for you! She is BEAUTIFUL, just like her mamma! We can’t wait to meet her. What a sweet time this is, cherish it!!

  3. I flat out do NOT understand how you look so pretty in the delivery room. Spill your secret, please.

    I was a DISASTER. I mean…it was bad. Real bad. Burn the pictures bad.

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