every girl should have a stunt double

As you faithful followers of Wifey know she posted the final picture of her beautiful pregnant self a few posts back and gave you fair warning that was it.  Well, we had our final ultrasound and check-up this morning where we were informed that we would be checking into the hospital tonight and inducing in the morning.  She really wanted you to be able to experience this last appointment with us so…

“…CUT…bring on the stunt double!” 

Ultrasound 8.8 lbs, Heartbeat 150 bpm

Mommy's weight...Nunya...as in Nunya business. Although she actually lost a few lbs. which they said happens often right before

Dialated just over 2cm and 75% effaced

final square footage of LL's living quarters 43in. (this is the real thing...I'm not that good an actor to pull this look off)

Hopefully this helped you catch a glimpse of our final appointment even though I can’t even begin to fill her shoes (she actually can’t either…ohh,ohh,ohh just kidding my love…i joke, i joke)  Well, almost gametime so we’re off to pack those final items for our romantic hospital date.  With a final word here’s the itinerary with color commentary by Wifey:

“8pm reservations at Chateau de Cox South Medical.  An appetizer of meds will be served to help get the process going along with a showing of the Oscar nominated film ‘Epidurals and You’.  This will be followed by a session of schleepy schleep while we can.  Early morning the IV of Pitocin starts flowing to really get the party started and then…baby by lunchtime…OH BABY!”

***Join daddy in praying if you would:  Lord, please protect my Wifey and the LL.  Keep them safe and healthy and bring as much peace as possible to this miracle we are about to witness.  Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful gift of life.

Stay tuned for the LL’s debut post…Team Us…out!

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One Response to every girl should have a stunt double

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Oh wow, you just pulled out of the driveway. I had a moment that I was going to get you to stop so I could get a pic of the red brake lights as ya’ll were pulling for posterity, but zoom…Geoff was on a mission! The overwhelming emotions just piled on me as you 2 were packing everything up – as you said Linds, more than if you were going to London! – You two have walked through this pregnancy like champs. You’ll never know how proud I am of you both. Geoff, how you’ve loved, supported, teased, protected and encouraged her. I can’t imagine another man doing more. Lindsay, you have been a joy to be around during this entire pregnancy. You’ve laughed at all the body changes, you’ve planned and read well – but are taking it all with a grain of salt and doing what’s best for you. What a Rock Star Mother you will be! Little Lady is being welcomed into a family that will love her, encourage her, challenge her, play with her, laugh and cry with her. What an amazing woman she will be because of you two. I love you….wow how I love you.

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