if you live in the ozarks, you’ll be super duper excited.

target has done it once again.  they have chosen to stock a product that is in poor, poor judgement.
(author’s note: i hope i don’t have readers who are offended by this because they have already excitedly purchased this item… hey, to each his own.)
yet this time, instead of advertising the coolness of liquor to little girls, they have put something on their shelves that makes me seriously wonder about their taste.  i mean come on, they have enlisted some of the best in many fields (interior design: victoria hagan, bedding: dwell studio, fashion: zac posen) to create lines within the target brand.  they are geniuses, honestly.
but someone made a bad move.  and i am hoping that this item is only on shelves in the midwest, in the ozarks, in “hillbilly vegas” (yes, this is the nickname for the town in which i reside).


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4 Responses to if you live in the ozarks, you’ll be super duper excited.

  1. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Hahaha ewwww… I have a disgusted look on my face. Why, Target? Why!?

  2. Caitlin says:

    Oh no no no…. that is so WRONG. If I was a baby and my mom put those on me I’d slap her across the face. =0)

    Just found your blog through Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane and I loves it!

  3. stacey says:

    they really went over the top now… saw this today and had to send it your way, I knew you’d be the only one to “appreciate” it.

    glad harper is well! hope I can meet her soon!


  4. Jordan says:

    New Follower!! 🙂 Your Daughter is absolutely beautiful & i don’t say that unless i mean it bc to me, most babies are not that cute when they are born (no offense), just being honest! && i do have to say i bought some of those jean diapers after my friend sent me the video of the add and i fell in love! Granted, i DO NOT let my son leave the house wearing a ‘jean’ diaper and shirt, i put pants on him but they are just fun! I took some funny pictures of him that i will have to post soon! 🙂 I think they are more for boys if anything, i wouldn’t put my baby girl in them! Cant wait to hear more about your precious baby girl!

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