my first mother’s day

yesterday was sunday, may 9 2010, and it was my very first mother’s day.
the hubby and i got up as usual and got ready for church in the morning.  we enjoyed a delicious “breakfast” that we picked up the night before from dunkin’ donuts (my favorite – and i figure i need to eat as many as i can over the next few weeks!) and we got in the car, hoping we’d have enough time to drive through starbucks beforehand.

as you can see, we did have time.  thank goodness.

so there i was, clutching my glorious go-to: a decaf latte with no foam (for a tall, 1/2 a splenda and for a grande, a full packet). 
it was already a happy mother’s day. 
after church, the BD (already planned and thought all this out) took me to brunch at the bleu olive, a super nice, greek place in town for their mother’s day brunch (i had requested some place a lot less nice for my mother’s day brunch only for their cinnamon pancakes – next time i plan to keep my mouth closed).  they had fabulous omelettes, perfectly seasoned home fries and their french toast was magnifique. 

i had a bloody mary with my meal (or is it called a virgin mary, in my case?) that was actually quite spicy… yet sooo good.
don’t our plates look glorious!?  the food really was fabulous and was worth the scary brunch buffet ticket we received at the end (poor hubby’s eyes nearly popped out of his head – but he was so gracious and sweet about it).
so for dinner he took me to taco bell.

no, really.  he did.  and i was super excited about it.
but before dinner he had something else planned, something i had been wanting to do.
some of you may laugh or raise an eyebrow, but hey, we live in branson missouri and there ain’t a whole heck of a lot to do in town besides shows.
i had been wanting to see the new imax documentaries that had come out about a month before and had told the BD a few times.  he found out the night before that they were giving moms free tickets to the imax features on mother’s day.  so we went and enjoyed a documentary double feature night and saw one called “the alps” (super intense, unbelievably beautiful) and one called “under the sea” (more family/kid-friendly, narrated by jim carrey, but super cool).
as i stretched between features, the BD was feeling my belly and agreed with me as i said how huge i am. 
he then basically said i was as big as the imax
(i laughed so hard i thought i’d go into labor.)
he then proceeded to take one of the most unfortunate pictures of me ever (from the angle of him seated, me standing – you all know this this THE worst angle to have a picture taken of you from.  husbands must all know this.  if yours does not, TELL HIM.)
and no i will not post it.
instead, i will post one of my usually-sweet husband on our date.

best mother’s day i’ve ever had.  thank you, my sweet BD.

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3 Responses to my first mother’s day

  1. Katie says:

    SOOO cute and sweet! happy first mother’s day love! love you!!!

  2. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Your day sounded wonderful. Happy Mother’s Day to you. 🙂

  3. Kimberly says:


    Just found your blog through Katie Pickering Fulmer’s…best wishes for a smooth last few weeksdays of pregnancy. You look great!

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