my mother once called me a brazen hussy

and apparently because i am living up to the title, i am proud to show off the following pictures:

36 weeks - hubby's artistic photo

36 weeks - taken by moi (obviously)

gotta love the huge belly.  i mean it’s huge, right?!?
and just look at where we started:

at 9 weeks

at 17 weeks

at 25 weeks

at 8 months (hook 'em horns!)

i still can’t believe it.
oddly enough, it still feels surreal. 
all the while it felt like i was slowly growing, and then all of a sudden WHAHMP! 
there is a HUGE belly sticking out and getting in the way all the time.  i can’t see some things anymore and have to focus my little heart out to not waddle when i walk.  (i thought for sure this would be easy.)

to close, i have to give credit to The Mahm.  she was joking… and yet partially right. 
i am just not always worried about these things – things like modesty.  well, sometimes.
i mean, you have
loved looking at my bare belly, right?!?!
ok, twist my arm, here it is again – linea nigra, messy room and all…

36 weeks

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8 Responses to my mother once called me a brazen hussy

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Truly. I called you a Brazen Hussy!!?! What kind of mother am I??
    You look gorgeous!!

  2. Megan Clark says:

    You are beautiful Linds! I remember thinking the same thing about all of a sudden being huge when I was preggo with Lilly. The whole process is amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures of the little one. Take care

  3. your blog is presh!!! so is your baby belly! i think you are a few days ahead of me, but our belly’s are neck and neck! : ) i guess that’s what the 2nd one will do to you – especially since i got pregnant when my son was only 6 mos old! it’s great to “meet” you. you make me laugh. i can’t wait for you to be a mama! it’s better than the best thing you could ever possibly imagine! hope you are feeling great. i just looked at your about page and loved it… beautiful pictures! i like you already.

  4. Jen says:

    Just found your blog through Katie’s 🙂
    You are such a cute pregnant mama! Love the tree too!

  5. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Ok so you are ALL belly. Seriously, you are tiny everywhere and then you have your belly 🙂 So stinkin cute. Love it! I can’t wait to read all about your journey to motherhood.

  6. Katie says:

    LOVE it!!! and LOVE you!!! however you will not be seeing this friend’s bare belly because i’m pretty sure i will be the size of a heffer. clothed belly yes, but i’m not all teeny and long and lean like SOME people i know. ahem. you’re beautful linds, and so is LL!!! xo, miss you too friend. why you gotta be all livin’ in MO and schtuff?

  7. You look amazing! Take good pictures of this stage (maybe the kind that you wouldn’t post here, if you catch my drift) because the body is such an incredible thing.

    It’s only been six months, but I look back at the professional maternity photos that I felt so silly taking and just want to cry with the miracle of it all. Seriously.

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