who knew he was so handy?

the BD (baby daddy) is the creative type.
there has never been any doubt about that.
he’s a marketing director.  he knows how to use photoshop (unlike some of us).  he’s a good dresser.  he appreciates good design.
and now he’s trying his hand at power tools paired with that creative brain of his…

let me just say this was ALL his idea. 
he had a vision for this whole project; a tree, painted white, in the corner of LL’s room. 
and  it’s gonna be beautiful, folks.

what is another way the BD is handy? one might ask…
well, let’s just say it is in a way that i am not gifted.
i am not a persister.  if i start putting something together or fixing something and i get frustrated or it’s not going as i originally planned – i’m OUT.  DONE.   
he, on the lovely other hand, IS a persister and sticks with everything he starts.
(i know this is a lot of intro for what i am about to share, BUT this is something i am so grateful for in our marriage.  SO grateful.  i think i am partially sane because of this fact.)

we finally got LL’s swing.  the swing that i know will bring me much sanity and peace in the future.
and HE put the whole thing together…with those huge muscles (this has become his go-to pose in every baby-prep photograph, if you haven’t noticed already). 
while i watched.
hey, i’m swollen and had to elevate my cankles!

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2 Responses to who knew he was so handy?

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Wow. I’m WAY impressed! So cool. Can’t wait to see it in person!

  2. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Just came across your page from The Fulmer’s. Love your blog!

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