just in case you are still bored – a how to part two

this morning the hubby and i found ourselves, again, waiting for the wonderful dr. mccall.  and since we are pretty brilliant in the “things to do while you wait” category, we came up with a few more ways to amuse yourselves whilst in a waiting room.  (click here to view the original “how to” post.) 
you’re welcome.

2.1 – re-learn the breaststroke you were taught when you were 5.  and make sure you practice good form.

2.2 – re-enact the poem “the walrus and the carpenter” from alice in wonderland by lewis carroll.

2.3 – re-discover the childhood joys of hide-and-go-seek with your spouse/cohort/partner-in-crime

2.4 – re-create the fabulous fashion seen on the greatest show ever, project runway (especially if you are as mad as wifey because your favorite designer got let go from the competition… R.I.P. jay nicholas sario).

2.5 – pretend you are the little squeezy, de-stress toy with ears that pop out that everyone loves to play with.

but be careful you don’t puncture an ear drum with one of the swabs… ouch.

2.6 – and finally, use this time to catch up with all of your international friends. 
(just kidding, doc – all calls were local.  including the prank call to your receptionist.)
have fun kids…
and don’t get caught (like we did this morning)!
luckily for us, dr. mccall is the coolest.

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3 Responses to just in case you are still bored – a how to part two

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    You people keep me SO entertained. What an amazing pair ya’ll are going to be as parents! LL will have a total blast! The Mahm

  2. Jannie says:

    Okay you guys are too much fun!!! It makes me go back to the days that I was afraid to move for fear the babies would just fall out!!! ha
    Enjoy these days – they are just as amazing as the two of you!! Love and Blessings, Jannie

  3. Joni says:

    Oh My Goodness (imagine the most northern “oh” as possible) 🙂 You two make me giggle so so much! Ha, I realize this is an old post but the tree got my attention and then I scrolled down and saw these hilarious pictures! So much fun!!! Praying for you two (and three!) It’ll be here before you know it!!! Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Love ya!


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