he is amazing, folks, and he’s MINE

the baby daddy has been solo painting LL’s room for the past 2 hours.
yes, that’s right, solo.
wifey got lightheaded and had to bow out of her honestly spectacular cutting-in skills and put her paintbrush down.
so frustrating!  i thought i’d be fine; we have the window open, the fan on and the bedroom door ajar… and the paint is gloriously NON-VOC, not just low-voc (courtesy sherwin-williams matching our benjamin moore paint color) and i get lightheaded.  come on, man!

i know many of you have stared at me slack-jawed when you asked if the LL’s room is done, and i sheepishly have responded with “well… not really…”  yes, i know for an interior designer it has taken me far too long to make decisions & decorate her room.  it is a little sad… but i have been quite busy doing other things, like getting fat and eating as many cinnamon rolls and doughnuts as i can. 
but i can proudly say that as of yesterday, the room is starting to look like someone’s room…

yesterday, the baby daddy put the crib together!  we picked it up on friday (on the way to a marriage conference) and as soon as we got home saturday, grabbed the toolbox and broke it out of the box.  it is beautiful… no?  (thank you, terry and nancy, for the generous gift!)

and of course, hurley was supervising.

and then this “morning” (once geoff and i rolled out of bed at – no, i am not ashamed to say it – 12:30, after sleeping through our alarm & church) we started painting – now that’s getting to the exciting part of the decorating!  here are the colors for the LL’s room:
i bought this changing pad cover in austin because it was the exact yellow i wanted in her room.  the gray on her walls is benjamin moore’s ozark shadows (quite the coincidence, no?) 
we’ll get your room ready for you in time, little girl!  we promise.

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5 Responses to he is amazing, folks, and he’s MINE

  1. Darla Ramos says:

    Hey “baby mama”…you addressed the baby girl as LL….and that means???

    The picture of Hurley-girl is fabulous! And love the colors…just not the name of the paint…couldn’t “they” name is something other then THAT??

    Geoff…your doing fabulous “baby daddy”…

  2. ash says:

    i am so excited to see what it looks like…yay for having a great husband!!!!!!
    love you

  3. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I know it will be darling.

    I loved decorating Pigtail’s room. It was so much more fun than all the other stuff. (car seat research – YAWN. stroller testing – kill me.)

    And now when I walk in that room, I’m happy every single time. The work is worth it.

  4. Kewpie says:

    i can’t wait to see the finished product! it will no doubt be AHMAZING! love you!!!

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