never seen ’em so thick

ah, the texas bluebonnet

as i posted a few weeks ago, the bluebonnets this year in austin are RIdiculous.  they are thicker than they have been in a very long time and i got to snap a few photos with my dad while we were out at lost pines for a wedding last weekend.  just amazing…
bluebonnets on a hillside at lost pines


the dewdrops were still on the flowers

the brilliant indian paintbrush

bluebonnets 2

dewdrops 2

paintbrush 2

official 8 month pic...??

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4 Responses to never seen ’em so thick

  1. Nick and Jen says:

    Oh these make me miss Texas so much. I can’t remember the last time I was in Texas during Spring to see the bluebonnets. However, I love Spring in Kansas City. It’s just breathtaking up here.

    Hugs to you these last 6 weeks!!

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    even though I got to see these very flowers, they still wow me! beautiful photos… usual! good job. love you Little Lady’s Mom

  3. Kewpie says:

    are you not the CUTEST in those bluebonnets!?!? LOVE it and LOVE you!!!

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