it’s MY party and i’ll surprise her if i want to.

i was obviously too busy talking about my own party a few weekends ago, that i forgot to tell you about another party that was held in austin on the 20th…
The Mahm’s 30th anniversary of her 30th birthday!!!
enjoy the pics from the surprise party of the year… (and yes, she WAS surprised.)

in her moment of surprise

bad quality pic, but the best one of her reaction:

the mahm with my godmother “funny mary” and my uncle’s wife, julie

some ladies put up a blank canvas & paint supplies and people added to it all night

me setting up some of the mahm's artwork

must be a good story...

the mahm with close friends lonni and nina (half hidden by her fabulousness)

mary durham, nina, tim durham & the mahm

funny mary with the mahm

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5 Responses to it’s MY party and i’ll surprise her if i want to.

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    oh how fun reliving that night! such precious friends. good memories!

  2. Mary Cable says:

    After seeing the pictures, I need bangs! Please help!

  3. ashlina says:

    i totally remember your mom. totally cute and fun!!!! love it.

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