how i love (almost) april showers

on saturday march 27th, 5 wonderful women hosted a shower for me in austin (at my parents’ house): nancy and The Mahm – the amazing moms/grandmas, jan linnell and mary stahl cable – ladies who have known me since i was in utero, and taylor and lacey – my 2 dearest & closest friends in the world.  it was such a fabulous shower – laid back, with good food and drink, and great friends – lots of them.  most drank mimosas, while some others – including myself – enjoyed ginger ale & pomegranate fizzes (my new favorite drink – which is helping me cut my addiction to dr pepper, etc).  as i opened the gifts, i was overwhelmed by people’s generosity and thoughtfulness.  we received such wonderful gifts and i was so excited to get home to show geoff all we had gotten.  oh, and did i mention how cute i looked? (thanks for the fantastic dress, Mahm!)  and yes, i did rock the cowboy boots.

thank you a thousand times to my hostesses for all you did to make the shower so wonderful.  and thank you to all the lovely women who came to the shower and gave us such thoughtful gifts!  and last, but certainly not least, to my brother who stopped by during the shower (because i asked him to if he wanted to) – it blessed me more than you know!

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2 Responses to how i love (almost) april showers

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Funny Mary was there in spirit too. She was the one in charge of the hostess gift. Another friend who’s known LB since in utero.

  2. Kewpie says:

    SOOOOO sad i missed it!!! looks like you had fun!!!

    ps – HOW do you look THAT cute 7 mos. preggers!!?!?! NOT FAIR. love you 🙂

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