the little girl has furniture

well…  A piece of furniture.  but that’s a start right!?
i am in austin this week and The Mahm and i have been doing a little shopping.  we stopped by this consignment shop on south lamar that she has always wanted to go in and we found this fantastic mid-century dresser that is perfect for the Little Lady’s room! 
we will refinish it and repaint it (either off-white or gray) and install new hardware – and it will fit perfectly in her bedroom.  it is the perfect size on top to fit a changing pad and it will give us more storage for things that should be hidden, like diapers, wipes etc.
here are the before pictures of her dresser…

the decorating of the Little Lady’s room has begun…

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2 Responses to the little girl has furniture

  1. Kewpie says:

    hooray! now onto the bedding 😉

  2. Karissa Wade says:

    Thank goodness!!!!

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