how to entertain yourself while waiting for the doctor

i know many of you may be in waiting rooms or exam rooms from time to time waiting for a doctor, so the baby daddy and i thought we would give you some tips and ideas on how to wait, and wait well.
number 1 (if you are at the OB’s office): have your husband empathize with what you are about to go through (or what you have already been through).

number 2: if you are an american idol fan or dream of being the next beyonce, you can find ways to practice for the recording studio and record executives for when you really hit it big.

number 3: use props found in the room to impersonate michael jackson.

number 4: practice your driving skills for the next time you drive a stick shift.

number 5: practice making someone laugh with whatever you have closest to you (something most parents know how to do like professionals).

and finally, number 6: calm down and pretend like you’ve been behaving like good kids the whole time. 

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8 Responses to how to entertain yourself while waiting for the doctor

  1. Bronwyn Rapp says:

    Very funny post Lindsay! These pictures brought back sweet memories of all my appointments at Dr. McCall’s office!

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    completely priceless. i’m on the floor!!

  3. dad says:

    What I want to know is: what did you do with that glove? Put it back with the others so the doc will use it on her next patient?

  4. ashley says:

    girl, this is hysterical! been praying for your week in Austin…have a blast with your first shower! (p.s. I saw young house love on your blog list! love it, don’t ya!)

  5. Sam says:

    you guys are ridiculous…and I hope to grow up and be just like you 🙂

  6. Jenny DB says:

    WOW, ridiculous pics. glad you guys have so much fun!!! ps found your blog through fulmer… i likey!!! looks like you guys have a lil one coming soon so must be busy, but hope you have a fab friday/weekend!!

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