29 weeks

we had our 29 week appointment today and here are the stats:
weight: 165 (gained 7 pounds since last visit – i was at 158 i think)
her heartbeat: 153
belly: 38.5 inches (wow i gained half an inch, yet feel so much bigger)
baby moves: the LL is moving a lot in the evenings, and when she moves you can see it and maybe even feel what she is kicking with!
mental health: still going downhill… better write it down, linds

also this morning was my blood glucose test…
not so bad: i had to drink the infamous orange drink that tasted like an otter pop and had a ridiculous amount of sugar in it (i was afraid the LL would bounce out of my uterus from all the sugar), and since this is my biggest craving lately was not too painful going down.
so bad: the nausea that came with it (all the way to springfield in the car, hhhmmmmmp hhhmmmmmp…)
not so bad: usually having my blood drawn doesn’t phase me, no big deal
so bad: when you have a nurse that is NOT gentle and your arm hurts for about 2 hours after she drew your blood FOUR TIMES and each time she pops a new capsule on the needle: OW. 
thanks, r.n. awesome.

then the baby daddy and i left the “women’s center” (where all our doctor appointments are) and went across the parking lot to the hospital, where i was to get the super exciting rhogam injection.  it’s basically an injection that i needed to take in case i get called in by jack bauer to aid him in disarming a chemical or biological bomb.

then stasia, the sweet nurse who gave me the CTU-approved injection (very gently, to her credit) allowed us to see the labor and delivery rooms at the hospital since we were already in the L&D wing.  so parents & friends, the photos below show you a lovely place you will become quite familiar with in may!  get excited…

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2 Responses to 29 weeks

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    such good times!! I’m glad Jack Bauer is safe with you on his team!

  2. Kewpie says:

    y’all are the CUTEST. love.

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