i am julia roberts

ok, so i love to take quizzes and fill out forms. the form-thing, i know, is a little odd (i am counting down the minutes until our census 2010 packet arrives!) but it’s the quizzes that i could do for hours.

i stumbled upon a new one this weekend (when i was clearly vulnerable and way too open to looking at semi-spam emails):

these quizzes always getcha by making you feel so gloriously good about yourself, comparing your personality & characteristics to the incomparable likes of julia, audrey or gwyneth. oh how i love them.

would love to know which beauty icon you are… or did you take more than one quiz on dailyglow.com??
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One Response to i am julia roberts

  1. I am a sucker for those quizzes, too. I was Farrah Fawcett…Haha I would have never guessed that…Modern-day kindred spirits include Cameron Diaz, and Kate Hudson. I kind of feel like I could relate to them.

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