love of mine

it describes a passionate love many of us experience.
it describes a treasured enslavement that may be hard to describe sometimes.
a relationship that can be tumultuous and at the same time, pure joy & delight.
this swoon-inducing sonnet was written several years ago (long before i began blogging) by a dear friend of mine, anne. i hope you appreciate it as much as i do.

by anne caggiano

you’re warm and black, and you got my back.
you’re Coffee.

your smell strikes a chord as i spend time with the Lord.
you’re my morning Coffee.

you’re spanish by descent, but i can’t hear your accent.
eres mi cafe.

you greet me from the cup and ask me “sup?”
you’re my ghetto Coffee. word.

i drink you after dinner and pretend you make me slimmer,
Dear Coffee.

it just doesn’t seem you used to be a bean,
fresh Coffee.

they drink you in egypt, japan, and belize.
you’re my friend, Coffee, beverage of world peace.

people who drink tea don’t make sense to me,
but you do, Coffee.

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