why i get excited about gaining 14 pounds

goodbye second trimester!
hello achiness and welcome to uncomfortable-land.
weight gain: 14 pounds so far (gained 5 1/2 since last visit)
tummy: 38 inches (gained 2 inches)

uterus: 25 inches (just in case you wanted to know)
baby moves: i’m not the only one who can feel them anymore… and last night, we could actually see her move!
mental health: mushy & forgetful. and don’t even ask me to remember anything. oh and i’m really forgetful lately. on tuesday we had a doctor’s appointment for our 25 week checkup. all is well! LL’s hearbeat is at a solid 160 – the doc said that was great – and i have gained almost 6 more pounds since the last time i was weighed. i am relishing this time in my life that i get enthusiastic about gaining weight… how weird is that?! i eat the donuts for you, Little Lady.

and you know geoff had to take his 25 week pic at the doctor’s office too…

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3 Responses to why i get excited about gaining 14 pounds

  1. Katie says:

    you are the. cutest. thing. ever.

  2. Jen says:

    OMG You are too cute! Just found your blog through Katie's!

  3. Pat says:

    Little Lady, you wait until after I leave to make your presence known? Your momma is beautiful. You're going to be so excited when you meet your amazing parents and Big Sister!

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