letter from daddy

we have this really cute journal that i am keeping track of my pregnancy in called the belly book. it has sections for each week so i can record how i am feeling, what the baby is doing, my food aversions… things like that. at the end of each trimester, there is a part where you can share your “final thoughts”. geoff wrote in it the other night and i wanted to share what this new daddy wrote…

february 9, 2010
i forgot how quickly 6 months flies by. engagement & now 1st and 2nd trimester. by the way now that those initial trimesters are over and we’re changing the name… we’re done “tri-ing”, we’re “due-ing”… OH OH OH .
(here i must insert, for readers that may be wondering, that this is geoff’s laugh). that’s right, we have entered the “mester” where our future Miss Messer is due to arrive on the scene. man, will we ever be ready when she’s ready? nursery, diapers, clothes, crib, name… OH SNAP… a name. what a huge responsibility. it’s not like picking out a shirt she doesn’t like that she can toss in the back of her closet or a cd she’ll return to best buy. this will be a title that helps define who she is and who she will be referred to as for the entirety of her life. (no pressure… breathe man, BREATHE). one false step and we could scar her pshyche forever. example: we thought of the name honor – great name, noble, beautiful – right? that’s what we thought until my superdad protective skills kicked in and i reverted back to the junior high locker room where i would overhear scrubby little thugs talking about wanting to get “on her”, thus ruling out a seemingly wonderful name with therapy written all over it… WHEW! we have to think of every nickname, initials combination, sound-alike, and slang usage possible. my under armor efforts begin now, “i will protect this house!” which now includes my baby girl. so like i said, “tri-mester”… uh uh… it’s “due-mester” and in due time our baby girl, the player to be named later, will join Team Us and whatever room she sleeps in, clothes she wears, diapers she messes, or name she has on her jersey it will all be done with great care.
baby girl, i can’t wait to meet you! just know that until then, your momma and i will continue to pray for you daily to be filled with the joy of the lord, consumed with his compassion for others, and health and safety over your life.
i love you!

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