Help put diapers on our future baby girl

YouTube – 2nd Annual $5,000 Louisiana Hot Sauce Video Contest

help GT win the LA Hot Sauce Video Contest by voting before Jan. 31st

So, my buddy Tim (who just so happens to be the last winner of American Gladiators) has mad skillz when it comes to video editing. So, he enlisted me to act in a video for a contest advertising LA Hot Sauce. Voting ends on Jan. 31st and every vote counts. Please help us out by following these directions and the link (the voting process is way more confusing than it needs to be but it is what it is) Thanks and here’s the skinny…

Click on the link and it will take you to YouTube and the contest site. Even though my video will show up right away you actually have to go over to the right and select it from amongst all the others. It’s called “Don’t Forget”. You’ll need to go above the video and click on “join group” which may or may not require you to be signed in to Gmail or YouTube (not sure). Once you play the video you can go under it to the “Discussion” tab and there will be a place to click “i love it”. That’s huge b/c that’s how a vote is counted.

Y’all are awesome and if you feel compelled to pass this on we’d appreciate it. I’ve also attached a link to the Facebook event that has all the details as well for you to pass on to your Facebook friends

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