what interior design looks like

yes, folks.
this is what owning your own interior design business run out of your home looks like.
our house has become a storage unit for all of my client’s orders that cannot be housed in a basement or garage (upholstery, sheets & towels, accessories and the like).
so in turn, my house is quite embarassing in some places.
but i have decided to make it public, to put it all out there because, praise jesus, these will soon be “before” photos.
(big grin)
above you will see exhibit a is our laundry room: stocked with box upon box of a large towel and bedding order.
exhibits b and c are my office: one wonders how i work in there at all. there are some sexy little hip moves i have to execute in order to make it to my desk around all the crap…
and note the fabulous stroller – our “baby gift” stuff has had to go in my office too, since the poor Little Lady (LL) doesn’t have a room yet.
but tomorrow is a good day.
tomorrow The Mahm arrives.
(for new readers/friends of team us, The Mahm is my mom, the one the only the fabulous, pat chapman.)
The Mahm will be employed this week and part of next week as a design assistant of lindsay todd design, llc.
she will be helping me move my clients in to their new house (see my design blog, link on the right)…
and out of mine!
it will be a fantastic week and my home will start to feel like my own again.
no more boxes stacked on boxes (boxen? anyone?), no more stacks of coffee table books as tall as i am, no more pathways that have to be carved out for guests to reach their bed…
and the LL will have the beginnings of a room of her own.
wish us luck!
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3 Responses to what interior design looks like

  1. kjsonntag says:

    wish I could be there too! a weekend with you and the mahm?!! heaven! is she just as wonderful at the "todd spa" as her other spa in austin??

  2. I would walk through anything to get to that heavenly bed…like sleeping on a cloud my friend 🙂

  3. boxen… got it 🙂

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