what this kid is getting into

i was looking through some wedding photos today and got a huge smile on my face and warm fuzzies inside…
what a bunch of fun people this kid will be getting as grandparents!
i found multiple pictures of both sets of parents having a blast on the dance floor at our awesome wedding (am i right folks? was it not the best/funnest wedding ever?) and looking great doing it. geoff and i have been so blessed by the parents we have and we are both so excited to see what grandparenting our child will bring out in our parents.
(geoff’s parents are already in the “grand” role but it will be my parents’ first gig.)
so cheers to you,
grandpa terry
grandma nancy
gigi pat
budrocks winn
(we’ll see how all these nicknames turn out…)
may our child learn to dance by your example and learn to love by the way you care for us.
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One Response to what this kid is getting into

  1. Pat says:

    Oh wow what great memories! We All ARE a fun group huh!?! Have to say it was a pretty fabulous wedding.

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