the last day

so today is the final day.
the final day of the unknown.

the last day before g and i find out our most frequent phrase we’ll be saying over the next 5 months (and, well, forever): baby girl or baby boy.

tomorrow everything will be different.
we will know (almost) everything there is to know about our baby until they arrive in this world.
we won’t type “it” or “they” or “him/her” or “him or her” on our blog ever again.
we won’t wonder what color to paint the baby’s room.
we won’t shop for neutral-only baby clothing or toys or accessories.

we will start talking about names.
we will start picking out nursery furniture and bedding.
we will talk about the baby as “he” or “she”.
we will have a completely different mindset than before.

we will KNOW.
and that makes it THE most exciting day.
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