what i saw when i woke up today

i know for some of you, this might be a normal winter occurence. one of these people is my husband. you grew up looking at the snow in the winter and loved the rare days when you had school cancelled because of snow. you skiied on it, sledded down it, and made some pretty darn awesome snowballs with it.

but there are some of us to whom snow is completely foreign. we never had “snow days”. if we did, it was because some rancher saw one white flake, called the news station, and then no one in central texas left their house all day because it was “snowing!”. trust me, folks, this is how it works in the south.

so today i am loving (and will love) every moment i look out the window and see the snow falling. it is truly beautiful. there is something so magnificently serene about it, watching it fall. so keep coming, you glorious frozen white flakes.

hooray for real snow days….

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