christmas morning in austin

on christmas morning, we woke up and “did” our stockings first – my brother had to leave to go to church late morning, so we decided to save the rest of the gifts for later that afternoon. stockings are always a blast in my family, mainly because my dad goes to town in this store near the UT campus in austin called toy joy. we receive all kinds of old school candies & gum, and toys that wind up and make you laugh until it hurts, yet have no other purpose on this planet.
thank you dad, for being so fun and totally random.
(as for the photo above, don’t ask me why i look so confused and both reed and geoff are dying laughing…)

my brother reed, ever so pleased with gift cards that offer free coffee.
geoff, proud of himself at the balancing act he had just accomplished.
and me, and that beautiful stroller!
thank you, mahm & dad!! and thank you to little oliver’s family from craigslist – no idea we would own the stroller of our dreams… (of course we felt the stroller needed a passenger for it’s first ride, so we installed the stuffed reindeer that resides on my parents’ fireplace most of the season.)
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