christmas in kansas

what a christmas we had…

we first got to go to kansas for a couple days and see geoff’s family. we celebrated his grandpa’s 94th (!) birthday and his 73rd (!) anniversary with geoff’s grandma (did i get these numbers right, terry & nancy?!)

the next evening we went over to matt (geoff’s brother) and sarah’s for “christmas” to open presents and basically watch hannah go nuts over her presents. (tip for those with kids/nieces/nephews: wrap their gifts in paper, not gift bags. it is so much more fun for them – and you – as they get to tear away all the paper!) among the things we got hannah, and the gift we were most excited to give her (especially after dinner the night before when we saw a santa down at the plaza in kansas city and hannah told him she wanted a computer), was a “computer”. it is this little pink kid computer we found and i had told geoff we had to get it because she is always wanting to help daddy with his computer – not always a good idea…

so she tore away the multicolored snowflake paper to reveal, “A -PUTER!! GUYS I GOT A -PUTER! WOW! WOW! A -PUTER!” i think that was the best part of geoff’s and my christmas in kansas.

later, as she was typing furiously at her little pink keyboard, we asked her what she was doing. she replied, “just emailin’ to see what’s up with aunt rosie…” when she was done with that, she asked each of us if we wanted to skype with her and rosie… or the squirrel.
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