shame on you, my dear target

last night, the hubs and i were doing a little christmas shopping (can you tell who we were shopping for by the aisle we were in? if your name is hannah and your uncle’s name is gt and your aunt’s name is lala… look away!) at my own little personal heaven, target, when we stumbled across something quite interesting…

yes, my friends, barbie now enjoys martinis while playing with kids.
now, i grew up loving my barbie dolls (so i am not hating on barbie here) and was a little shocked that they now include a fancy blue martini glass in clothing and accessory sets.
are they teaching kids that early on that drinking is super cool?
and if they are playing with alcohol as early as 3 (barbies are for 3+ fyi) when are they going to expect to partake or share with mom & dad? REALLY?!
i mean if barbie does it…
too soon, mattel. way too soon.
all i could think as we walked away was “i am SO blogging about this.”

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