for all the hostiles out there…

now i won’t name names, but some of you are getting pretty hostile (mom/MAHM) because i have not posted any photos of me/my belly in some time. and with good reason – we’ve been slackers. so i went and took some (rather terrible ones) myself just to appease for the time being. in the meantime, i promise i will get my baby daddy to take some better ones. but for now (shhh, shhh, it’s ok)…any one know when i will start to show? is there really a baby in there? i mean come on…
i guess i will have many moons to look large, so i won’t complain.
(you may be asking yourself, “how does she look so smooth and held-in to those jeans?” that would be thanks to my sweet friend, leah, who sent me the BE band – the best gift so far! i am still able to wear all of my jeans, unbuttoned, with my BE band holding me in… and holding my pants up because they aren’t even zipped. now everyone will know my secrets…)

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