to touch or not to touch…

so yesterday, i had my first random, unwarranted belly touch. it was lovingly performed by our neighbor who is super sweet and probably just as excited as our parents are about me being pregnant (seriously, when i told her she cried).
it was a little weird, i must say. i have always thought it would be no big deal when someone felt the need to touch my pregnant belly… but at the stage i am now (i just feel like i have developed a gut) it was a little awkward.
and this stage is odd. a stranger would not look at me and think, “oh, she’s pregnant”. belly has not grown that much yet. they would just decide i had packed on a few pounds around the middle, or really hated doing sit-ups & crunches.
so instead of being the woman that says, “ooooh, why dontcha keep that hand to yourself, crazy lady?” or take said stranger’s hand off my belly and place it on their own, i have decided to grin and bear it. people are apparently going to do it anyways, so i might as well enjoy the attention… while it is still all about me.

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