a new season

so it’s probably about time we updated our blog. i mean, we could wait until it had been an entire year, but what the heck?
team us is having a baby (well, i am the one who will be doing the having) which means we have to keep family, friends and the rest of the world in-the-know with what’s going on with us.
as of today, november 9, i am 12 weeks and 2 days. geoff informed me this morning that our little junior is the size of a lime. that’s huge! we went from a fig to a lime in barely 1.5 weeks! oh what an overachieving little fruit…
tomorrow at 10 am we have our first doctor’s appointment (yes, i said first) with the hopefully-lovely-and-amazing dr. kristy mccall. we’ll get our first ultrasound/sonogram (what’s the difference anyways?) and get to hear junior’s heartbeat!
and now all you lucky (and courteous) readers of the team us blog get to see wifey’s bare belly at 9 weeks (our 12 week pic coming soon). and yes, moms, we will be posting these every month so you can keep track of how fat i’ll be getting.
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